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spend time enjoying your yard, not just working in it.

Spend time enjoying your yard, not just working in it with a self-sustaining backyard.

Let’s face it—it’s hot in Columbia, South Carolina. If you’ve spent time dragging a hose to water your lawn and plants during summer, you know you’re likely to end up wetter than your yard! And if you’ve longed to spend a moment in your backyard after work only to find it pitch black out when you get home, we can help with that, too. Our landscape lighting and irrigation solutions are the answer.

With automated irrigation systems, you can rest easy knowing your yard will thrive with zero effort on your part. Whether for safety and security or a bit of landscaping magic, landscape lighting is the perfect way to elevate your outdoor experience.

At Bare Roots Gardening, we don’t just design landscapes; we craft outdoor experiences that excite the senses, enhance relationships, and welcome nature. With a commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship and creative landscape solutions, we provide custom landscape lighting and irrigation solutions for homeowners throughout Columbia for beautiful landscapes that thrive anytime of the year and for years to come.

our enhancement specialties

Rain or shine, you can enjoy a hands-free landscape that thrives even without you with these enhancements:

landscape lighting design and installation

  • Smart Lighting Systems with Mobile and Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Multi-Color Lighting Displays
  • Dimmable and Color-Change Lights
  • Accent, Focal Point, and Ambient Lighting

irrigation design and installation

  • Smart Irrigation Systems with Mobile and Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Weather Sensors and Weather Stations
  • Multi-zone Irrigation Systems
  • Budget-Friendly Drip Irrigation Options
  • Retrofitting


Landscape Lighting and Irrigation Projects FAQs

how much should i invest in my irrigation project in columbia?

Investing in an efficient irrigation system is key to maintaining a vibrant landscape in Columbia’s climate. Our basic sprinkler installations begin around $8,500, offering a robust system for your garden’s needs. For those needing an upgrade, retrofitting starts at about $3,200. Our high-end systems, which can cost up to $15,000, include advanced features like multiple zones, smart timers, and WiFi-enabled weather stations. These systems are controlled via a smartphone app, ensuring your landscape gets just what it needs while you take a break from the hose.

how long does it take to install an irrigation system?

Typically, installing a basic sprinkler system by Bare Roots Gardening takes about 2-3 days. The timeframe may vary for more complex systems with advanced features. We will ensure your installation is tailored to your yard’s needs, allowing you to retire your hose and enjoy a hassle-free, beautifully irrigated garden.

is installing landscape lighting worth it?

If you’re planning on enjoying your garden in the evening or if you like to come home to a softly lit outdoor space, sources of light and warmth can be well worth it. Landscape lighting not only enhances and highlights the beauty of your landscape but also ensures safety by illuminating dark corners and paths. With smart lighting systems, you can enjoy control and convenience while setting the mood for any occasion.

Who is going to be working on my landscaping project?

At Bare Roots Gardening, your landscaping project is personally overseen by our owner, Zac McClendon. Zac, an experienced designer, will ensure that every detail of your outdoor space is meticulously planned and executed. Combining expertise with pride in their work, our team of installers and artisans is committed to transforming your yard into a place you’ll call home.

love your landscape.

With Bare Roots Gardening, your yard becomes more than just a landscape. It becomes an extension of your home. A place to relax, entertain, and connect with nature. Let us help you transform your yard into a living landscape that grows and evolves with you.

ready to transform your yard?

Contact us today to start your journey toward landscaping that looks good, feels good, and does good. 

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