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Create a place outside you’ll love to call “home.”

At Bare Roots Gardening, we don’t just design landscapes—we craft outdoor experiences that excite the senses, enhance relationships, and welcome nature.

Unlike your house or car, your landscape is an investment that just gets better with age. But envisioning what a dynamic, living landscape will look like next month, much less next year, is difficult.

With over a decade experience in landscape design and construction and expertise in plants, our team at Bare Roots Gardening can turn your vision into a landscape design that excites the senses, celebrates seasonal change, and is easy to maintain, too!

We do landscaping different

Unlike other landscape design professionals who use a handful of standard plants and features, we pride ourselves on creating diverse garden environments that can benefit people, pollinators, and wildlife.

We are part of the movement to make natural-style gardening and landscaping the new industry standard, and we generate diverse, resilient landscapes that have positive impacts on the surrounding environment.

We are not a “mow and blow” or “plant and run” landscape design firm – we design process-driven landscapes that grow with you and your needs, bringing you a lifetime of joy.

Collaborative design

We help our clients in Columbia, South Carolina to discover their vision, embrace their style, and create a place outside you’ll love to call “home.”

With us, you’re not just another client–you’re a valued collaborator. From initial consultation to design, we invite and encourage your participation in developing a landscape plan that perfectly suits you and your needs.


Landscape design build process

During the landscape design planning phase, we take the time to understand you, your yard, and what you want out of your landscape. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to develop design drawings complete with

  • Planting plans
  • Hardscape and construction drawings
  • Irrigation system designs
  • Landscape lighting plans

our services

Transform your property into a place that’s unique to you and your needs with these services:

Backyard landscape design & installation

Enhance your backyard’s beauty and functionality with our meticulous approach to design and installation.

Front yard landscape design & installation

Give off an inviting first impression by letting us design the perfect front yard landscaping plan for your house.

Garden landscape design & installation

Your garden is meant to grow and evolve along with you, and we’re here to help make this happen.

Pool landscape design & installation

Create the oasis you’ve always dreamed of by having us design the landscaping around your pool.


At Bare Roots Gardening, we don’t just design landscapes—we craft outdoor experiences that excite the senses, enhance relationships, and welcome nature.

Comprehensive Design & Build

Industry-Standard Installation

Personal Approach or Client-Centric Approach

Passion for Creating Lasting Outdoor Impressions

Plant Warranty & Replacement Guarantee


Landscape Design FAQs

What key factors should I consider for my landscape in Columbia?

When envisioning your landscape, the focus should be on your personal needs and style. Consider how you’ll utilize the space, your maintenance preferences, and the overall aesthetic you desire. Think about the flow and arrangement of different areas – for instance, placing key spaces like patios or gardens in accessible locations. A well-planned landscape should complement your family’s lifestyle, with a thoughtful flow and layout that places key areas close together for convenience.

In Columbia, a popular trend is reducing lawn areas and incorporating native plant landscaping and hardscaped patios. This approach not only creates a beautiful, functional space for your family but also supports local wildlife, aligning with South Carolina’s natural environment.

How much should I expect to pay for a landscape design and installation in Columbia?

Landscaping project costs can vary widely, but at Bare Roots Gardening, we focus on aligning with your budget from the outset. For a comprehensive front yard enhancement in Columbia, including soil prep, sod laying, planting, mulching, and a new irrigation system, prices generally start around $15,000. If you’re looking at a complete landscape overhaul, you’re likely to begin at about $25,000. During our consultation and design phase, we’ll guide you through prioritizing your needs and wants, helping to set a realistic budget that brings your vision to life without compromising on quality.

How fast can you complete my landscaping project?
At Bare Roots Gardening, we start with a thorough consultation and detailed landscape design, typically taking about a month to perfect. The actual construction phase varies; a small garden can be transformed within a week, while more complex projects may take between 10 days to a month. Factors like the project’s scope, the time of year, and weather conditions in Columbia, play a role in determining the timeline. Rest assured, our team will work efficiently to bring your outdoor vision to life as swiftly as possible without compromising on quality.
Who is going to be working on my landscaping project?

At Bare Roots Gardening, your landscaping project is personally overseen by our owner, Zac McClendon. Zac, an experienced designer, will ensure that every detail of your outdoor space is meticulously planned and executed. Combining expertise with pride in their work, our team of installers and artisans is committed to transforming your yard into a place you’ll call home.

At Bare Roots Gardening, we proudly offer landscape design for customers in Columbia, West Columbia, Shandon, Melrose Heights, Forest Hills, Elmwood Park Historic District, and Earlewood, South Carolina.

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