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we go beyond gardens that are simply pretty.

You want to spend time out in your garden. At the same time, you don’t want to devote complete weekends to maintaining the plants, shrubs, and trees dotting your garden’s landscape. This is where we come in at Bare Roots Gardening.

We provide comprehensive garden landscape design solutions backed by the belief that landscapes are meant to be experienced, not just observed. You can find our garden landscape design work throughout the Columbia, South Carolina area, and we’re excited to get started on your project.

our approach to garden landscaping

We won’t approach your garden landscape design project with a handful of standard plants and features – we’ll create a diverse garden environment that benefits you, pollinators in the area, and wildlife. Our goal is to make natural-style gardening and landscaping the new industry standard, and we do this with every project by developing diverse, resilient landscapes that benefit the surrounding environment.

We also work directly with each of our clients to help them discover their vision. We’ll help you embrace your own landscaping style and ultimately create an outdoor space you’ll love and continue to love for years to come.

make your landscape vision come to life

When you hire us to transform your garden, we’ll work right alongside you to develop planting plans, hardscape and construction drawings, irrigation system designs, and landscape lighting plans. Contact us today to find out how we can help you transform your garden into a place the looks good, feels good, and does good.

At Bare Roots Gardening, we proudly offer garden landscape design services for customers in Columbia, West Columbia, Shandon, Melrose Heights, Forest Hills, Elmwood Park Historic District, and Earlewood, South Carolina.

love your landscape.

With Bare Roots Gardening, your yard becomes more than just a landscape. It becomes an extension of your home. A place to relax, entertain, and connect with nature. Let us help you transform your yard into a living landscape that grows and evolves with you.

ready to transform your yard?

Contact us today to start your journey toward landscaping that looks good, feels good, and does good. 

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